Blender插件-刚体动力学破碎爆炸烟雾插件 RBDLab V1.1.1

Blender插件-刚体动力学破碎爆炸烟雾插件 RBDLab V1.1.1


RBDLab 是一个新的插件,可以充分利用 Blender 的物理特性。从破碎物体到使它们爆炸、添加烟雾、碎片或高级使用约束,RBDLab 将允许您在 Blender 中完成迄今为止几乎不可能或您必须花费大量时间的事情。
RBDLab 有不同的选项面板和“线性”工作流程,从断裂、刚体、约束、模拟、粒子……您将经历一个好的 RBD 系统所需的所有阶段。

RBDLab is a new addon to take full advantage of Blender physics. From fracturing objects to making them explode, adding smoke, debris or advanced use of constraints, RBDLab will allow you to do things in Blender that until now were practically impossible or in which you had to spend a huge amount of hours.
RBDLab has different option panels and a “linear” workflow, from Fracturing, Rigidbody, Constraints, Simulation, Particles… you will go through all the phases that a good RBD system requires.
It has advanced features such as, for example, the emission of particles only from the chunks that break, or “Acetone”, so you can deactivate Constraints as and when you want.


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