C4D插件-多边形细分纹理随机生成工具 PolyDivider V1.07

C4D插件-多边形细分纹理随机生成工具 PolyDivider V1.07


在 Cinema 4D 中根据矩形生成随机几何图案。PolyDivider 是一个 Cinema 4D Deformer 插件,它使用程序算法进行多边形细分,旨在生成基于矩形的随机几何图案。这个想法来自称为“树状图”的图表类型,它采用一个矩形并将其垂直和水平分割。根据用户定义的迭代次数,将结果一次又一次地馈送到循环中。算法的种子值和轻微更改会产生各种结果。插件将 N-gons 解释为细分多边形,挤压内部功能不适用于非平面多边形

PolyDivider is a Cinema 4D Deformer plugin that makes polygon subdivisions with procedural algorithm designed to produce random geometric patterns based on a rectangle. The idea came from the type of diagrams called “treemaps”, that takes a rectangle and splits it vertically and then horizontally.The outcome is fed to the loop, again and again, depending on the number of user-defined iterations. A seed value and slight alterations of the algorithm produce a variety of results.


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