Blende预设-藤蔓树木生成冰霜结冰效果器 预设blender格式

Blende预设-藤蔓树木生成冰霜结冰效果器 预设blender格式


包含三种效果器,分别是藤蔓生长、植物树木、结冰效果,blender格式 Ivy Generator+Tree Generator+Freeze Generator Setup for Geometrynodes Fields for Blender 3.0

具有许多自定义选项的常春藤生成器。小心非常重的物体。Ivy generator with many custom options.Be careful with very heavy objects.

V02 带 WIND 的 Fields 版本V02 Fields version with WIND
与 GNode 的 Fields 版本一起使用的新系统new system that works with Fields version of GNodes
5个具有良好播放设置的预设5 Presets with good playback settings
UVmapping NOW 也适用于 eevee UVmapping NOW works with eevee as well
附带 3 个预览树叶几何体/2 个简单的树木材料。Comes with 3 preview leaves geometrys / 2 simple tree materials.
(我建议在制作更大的场景时使用带有 alpha 纹理的简单平面作为散射)( I´d suggest using simple planes with alpha textures as scatter when making larger scenes)
制作大型场景时视口的代理预览Proxy Preview for viewport when making large scenes
带对象的风倍增器Wind multiplier with object
更多更新很快!More updates soon !

使用简单的控件和许多可玩的东西冻结您喜欢的任何东西!包括具有可调节距离值的霜冻着色器的简单设置。Freeze anything you like with easy controls and lot of stuff to play with!Including simple setup for frost shader with adjustable distance value.


Blender插件-一键模型破旧损坏生成插件OCD (One Click Damage) V1.2.0
Blender插件-焊接效果模拟螺丝模具自定义插件 Blender Market ProFlow v0.0.6
Blender插件-刚体动力学破碎爆炸烟雾插件 RBDLab V1.1.1
Blender插件-电线缆线悬挂创建工具 Cablerator V1.4.0

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